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Uprise Waterfront endeavors to bring finer lifestyle in the heart of Gwadar – the Port of Pakistan.

Close to the Marine Drive and minutes away from Gwadar International Airport, Uprise Waterfront welcomes you to the world of luxury living. We strive to bring perfection in every detail from the selection of our partners, to the amenities, fittings and the place. Your luxury and peace is at the core of what Uprise Waterfront does.

We embrace imagination and novelty and pursue with passion all that we do in each and every step. We are committed to bringing the most lavish lifestyle to Gwadar with highly modern, state-of-the-art facilities and a quality living beyond the imagination of many.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

Live in Gwadar – the lavish beauty on Earth offering the most eloquently beautiful landscape, blue sky, Arabian Sea and stern, golden mountains.

Imagine how it would be like to witness a perfect sunrise every morning and to listen to the soothing voice of water. It’s the paradise on Earth with divine, breathtaking sunset. The grandeur architecture has all to yearn for.

Spend your time in a place where life mixes with the orchestra of class; where nature and engineering are in impeccable congruity. Uprise Waterfront presents to you the possibility of magnificence and innovation of life in the very heart of Gwadar.

Rise in the Heart of Pakistan

With its celebrated culture, luxurious environment and global importance, there is no other place like Gwadar in Pakistan. Uprise Waterfront Living is all set to sail on a journey of delivering the finest lifestyle to the people of Gwadar and welcome the Pakistani residents, Overseas Pakistanis and Foreigners to make Gwadar their home.

The true shades of magnificence on earth along with the modern living in an opulent environment; we bring to you the best of materials, amenities, architecture, and environment to make a home which enhances your desire to live and enjoy life.

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  • Community Center

  • Retail Outlets

  • Security System

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